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The PDVSA logo is based on a sun-shaped, ornamented petroglyph, represented in the Guarataro stone, which is located in Caicara del Orinoco. The symbol of the sun as energy source is associated to the company.
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N°10 - January 2007

En este número:
-With the re-election of President Chávez Venzuela further energizes Latin American energy integration
-The RIbas Mission continues to train winners
-Petrocaribe is strenghtned (II)
-PDVSA commited to enviromental conservation
-CITGO credit rating is raised
-Venezuela nominated venue of 2007 Energy Summit

N°8 - November 2006

En este número:
-Frist Orinoco Oil Belt reserves certified: world energy power
-Petrocaribe strengthens agreements with St. Lucia and Dominica
-Energy integration reaches Europe, Asia, the Middle East and África
-CIGMA promotes the Venezuelan natural gas industry
-Minister Ramírez calls the defense of oil sovereignty
-Integrationist role confirmed at 2005 Rio Oil & Gas Conference

N°7 August 2006

En este número:
- Transcaribbean Gas Pipeline Takes off
- Petrocaribe Gains Strength
- Venezuela and Bolivia create Petroandina
- New era in relations with Panama
- Energy integration under Mercosur
- New investors captivated at OTC
- Cutting-edge technology increases eastern production
- PDVSA is Latin America's second largest company

N°6 June 2006

En este número:
- 141st. Extraordinary Meeting in Caracas.
- First Anniversary of ALBA.
- Misión Ribas graduates attend College in Cuba.
- Minister Ramirez: Venezuela bets on integration.

N°5 - March 2006

En este número:
- Model for Mixed Companies approved
- Inauguration of commercial office in Bolivia
- Mission Science: scientific and technological independence
- White Dove award for Venezuela
- Great Southern Gasline: Development for Latin America
- Puerto La Cruz and El Palito establish HDHPLUS
- Caripito: refinery for social development

N° 4 January 2006

En este número:
- Presidents of Venezuela and Brazil, Hugo Chávez and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, begin.
- 32 transition agreements to Mixed Companies.
- Venezuela,a full member of Mercosur.
- PDVSA, world's third largest oil company.

N°3 September-October 2005

En este número:
-Strategic Plans of PDVSA
-Ramirez: PDVSA is an instrument for the country's service
-OPEC: 45 years

N°2 - August- 2005

En este número:
-The 2003 audited Financial Statements confirms PDVSA's solidity
-13 Operating agreements migrate to joint ventures
-PDVSA inaugurate commercial office in China
-Petroandina speed up South American integration
-Supplies to Latin America and the Caribbean rise up
-Green light for ecological gasoline
-Macro rounds strengthen Venezuela's ties to the rest of the Hemisphere
-The Plataforma Deltana's estimated non-associated gas reserves increase twofold

N°1 July 2005

En este número:
-Petrocaribe: Solidarity and Integration in motion
-Full oil sovereignty: A revolutionary oil policy
-Venezuela Ministry of Energy and Petroleum to take over control of export prices

  Petróleos de Venezuela
Adding value to oil and natural gas resources

En este número: Publication about Petroleos de Venezuela, its history and successful results, brief about Plan for Sowing the Oil, and others development projects in Venezuela

Who gets what from imported oil?

En este número: Composite barrel analysis for major consuming countries

  Full Sovereignty Over Oil Serie
N°1 A National, Popular and Revolutionary Oil Policy

En este número: An address to the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela By Rafael Ramírez Carreño, Minister of Energy and Petroleum and President of PDVSA


En este número: